Paligroup is a fully integrated branded real estate development and hospitality operating company that acquires, programs, develops, owns, and operates unique hotels and residences. Our proprietary brands, development and operational expertise also includes specialized retail spaces, highly curated restaurants, bars and event venues. Avi Brosh founded Paligroup in 1998 and serves as its Chief Executive and President.

The company's track record, current portfolio and forthcoming properties are designed to provide customers with a unique and aspirational experience. Each Paligroup branded property has a distinct personality specifically tailored to best serve its local market and neighborhood, all featuring a contemporary, sophisticated design and personalized service.

Paligroup's Brands are synonymous with neighborhood authenticity, style, innovation and success. We are convinced that this combination of custom-tailored place-making and unique social experiences increases performance. market share and overall pricing power.


Originality and creativity in design is the hallmark of Paligroup and its properties. As a complement to its Development and Management businesses, Paligroup delivers custom-tailored design for every aspect of our own projects, and selectively provides design services to third-party collaborators. Our in-house design scope includes conceptual design, interiors, graphics, websites, uniforms, and collatoral materials.


Paligroup's core capability is its long-standing track record of developing innovative and successful real estate ventures. Paligroup develops properties that attract customers and partners who appreciate our extraordinary work as well as our long-term commitment to neighborhoods. From single-family home to multi-family residences to mixed-use properties to hotels, restaurants and bars, Paligroup has been acknowledged for setting the standard for excellence in boutique urban development. To date, Paligroup has developed over 1 million square feet of real estate, including rental, for-sale, mixed use, and hospitality properties.


When Paligroup's Design and Development teams complete a project, the management team steps in and assumes ongoing property operations. We currently provide these services to both internal and select third-party clients for both residential and hotel properties, including all inter-related food & beverage facilities. Managing our properties is a fundamental component of our overall business strategy and enables us to maximize value for our assets, partners and company over time.

Avi Brosh is the founder, leader and creative force behind the Paligroup Brands and Properties and directly oversees the daily operations of all company ventures. Avi spearheads Paligroup's concept innovation, design direction, development execution and operational strategies. Actively involved in the real estate development and hospitality industry for over 20 years, Avi has overseen the ground-up and adaptive re-use development of over 30 residential, mixed-use and hospitality properties comprising in excess of 2 million square feet. Prior to founding Paligroup, Avi was the Executive Vice President at The Braemar Group, a prominent Southern California based real estate development company and is a graduate of Boston University's School of Business Management.